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Sunstone Pendant Necklaces

Browse our large selection of Sunstone pendant necklaces, and each is uniquely handcrafted to produce unique and customizable designs. These Sunstone pendants feature a rare gem entirely mined in Oregon, making it the most elegant and gorgeous gemstone on the market. Our custom-made pendants feature an array of beautiful colors and designs, making them timeless and unforgettable gifts for any special occasion. We provide our clients with an exceptionally high level of service backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our jewelry. The magic and excellence of our Sunstone pendant necklaces provide an unmatched radiance and beauty. Our unique collection of pendants features all-natural Sunstone gems, delivering the ultimate quality at affordable prices.

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Central Oregon Collection

Mini Central Oregon Mountain Pendant


Central Oregon Collection

Central Oregon Mountain Pendant


Central Oregon Collection

“I Love Bend” Charm Necklace


Central Oregon Collection

Playful Otter Pendant with Sunstone


Celestial Jewelry Collection

Saturn Pendant-Rings around the Sunstone