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Playful Otter Pendant with Sunstone

Playful Otter Pendant with Sunstone

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The High Desert Museum is home to "Brook & Rogue", North American River Otters. Our Playful Otter Pendant was inspired by these two otters. In the center, is a Peach Oregon Sunstone, Oregon's State Gemstone.

Otters are highly frolicsome, spirited and lively creatures. Some common river otter playtime activities include somersaulting, wrestling, flopping & sliding. Otters are mostly nocturnal, so you are lucky if you see them at playtime!

Oregon Sunstones are 100% natural and never treated, because of this, there is a lot of natural variation in color. Your Oregon Sunstone may vary slightly in color from the Oregon Sunstones pictured above.

*Schiller is a “phenomenon” unique to some Oregon Sunstones, where copper particles are suspended within the feldspar crystal appearing as sparkles inside the gemstone. This phenomenon is 100% natural and every Oregon Sunstone that displays Schiller is completely unique.