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Horse Pendant with Oregon Sunstone

Horse Pendant with Oregon Sunstone

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Horse Pendant with Oregon Sunstone-Poetry in Motion

Wearing this special Horse Pendant with Oregon Sunstone necklace will show just how much you love your equine friend.

If you are a lover of all things horse, then you will love our Horse Pendant with Oregon Sunstone. It is an artistically rendered design, cast in solid Sterling Silver with hand forged details. This pendant has a majestic scene of mountains and river in the background with a Ponderosa Pine. The horses powerful profile is artistically interpreted in a modern style.

The Oregon Sunstone is approximately .25 carats, 4mm round with color ranging from medium to dark peach. Included is a sturdy, 18" sterling silver box chain approximately 1.0mm thick.

The Pacific Northwest has a cowboy history that stretches back more than a hundred years. The region's first cowboys were called vaqueros which is a Spanish term for horse-mounted livestock herders. They also tended sheep. Modern Northwestern cowboys continue to work ranches across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. For an authentic slice of cowboy culture, head to an annual rodeo like the Pendleton Roundup in Oregon.

Browse our large selection of Sunstone pendant necklaces. All are uniquely handcrafted for our Oregon state gem. Our custom-made pendants feature an array of beautiful colors and designs, making them timeless and unforgettable gifts for any special occasion. We provide our clients with an exceptionally high level of service backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our jewelry. Browse our collection of pendants featuring all-natural Sunstone gems.