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Silver Petite Heart Necklace with Champagne Sunstone

Silver Petite Heart Necklace with Champagne Sunstone

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Hearts are an enduring symbol of love!

It is thought that the heart shape as a symbol comes from the shape of the leaves of a now-extinct plant called silphium. The heart shaped leaf was considered a key component of a love potion in the time of the Romans. Another theory is that St. Valentine used the symbol when arranging secret marriages.

The Petite Heart necklace is hand textured in solid sterling silver, featuring a brilliant Champagne Sunstone.

  • This pendant features a 5 mm round brilliant Champagne color Oregon Sunstone, weighing about .85 carats.
  • Champagne- Mostly colorless, sometimes with hints of yellow, pink or green.
  • This Petite Heart dangles approximately 1 inch long and is about .50 inches wide.
  • Choose your chain length, 16" or 18".

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