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Mini Central Oregon Mountain Pendant

Mini Central Oregon Mountain Pendant

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Made entirely of .925 Sterling Silver, the Mini Central Oregon Mountain Pendants are a bit smaller than a dime.

Every Mini Central Oregon Mountain Pendant will arrive on either a 16" or 18" Sterling Silver Box Chain and will feature a 3mm Oregon Sunstone, set in the skyline (0.5" diameter, dangle length of 0.66").

Oregon Sunstones are 100% natural and never treated, because of this, there is a lot of natural variation in color. Your Oregon Sunstone may vary slightly in color from the Oregon Sunstones pictured above.

Sunstone Color ranges from Peach to Sunset color. Occasionally there maybe a darker Rootbeer color available, please email for availability of different colors.

What is *Schiller? Visible presence of copper platelets found only in some Oregon Sunstones.

***Please note each pendant is unique and varies slightly from the images pictured above, for a specific mountain please email us at to begin a custom design.