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Timeless & Modern Station Necklace

Timeless & Modern Station Necklace

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Our Timeless & Modern Station Necklace displays a 7.5 mm round Champagne (nearly colorless) Sunstone at approximately 1.50 carats. Because of the neutral color, this necklace will make it a versatile choice for any occasion.

The Oregon Sunstone in this necklace is framed by a sterling silver bezel with a delicate 16" sterling silver chain. Not sure of the length, please check the Necklace & Chain Reference Guide Here.

See matching earrings to complete the perfect bridal jewelry ensemble or make a wonderful gift for the bridal party and mothers of the bride and groom!

Only in the past 10 to 15 years has Oregon Sunstone grown in popularity as a gem.

The colors of Oregon Sunstone are difficult to compare to traditional gemstones. So few gems display such a wide variety of naturally occurring colors.

Sunstone Color Range:

  • nearly colorless
  • champagne yellows
  • soft pinks
  • vivid orange,
  • intense reds
  • deep green
  • multi colored

Individual in their beauty, no two Oregon Sunstones are exactly alike. It is a unique alternative to traditional gemstones. Best of all, the gem is "home grown" and the jewelry is made in the USA!

Our Oregon Sunstones are never dyed or treated in anyway and all their color is Guaranteed 100% Natural! This is uncommon in the world of gemstones today, as most gems are treated in some way before they reach the retail market.

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