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Fire & Ice Oregon Sunstone Pendant

Fire & Ice Oregon Sunstone Pendant

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Oregon Sunstone is a Fire gemstone!

Our Fire & Ice Oregon Sunstone Pendant has symbolic balance between the Fire of Sunstone and the Ice of natural diamonds. Our State Gemstone, the Oregon Sunstone is born of fire. It is mined in areas of southeastern Oregon where ancient volcanic activity occurred.

Want to know more about Oregon Sunstone?

Accessorize your outfit with this stunning necklace made of highly polished silver including the chain. The entire necklace is made of non oxidizing Sterling Silver.

A sturdy Box Chain is included and is adjustable 18" to 20". making it perfect for almost any neckline.

The dimensions of this elegant oval shaped pendant: 1.0 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.

There are Six "Ice Diamonds" set into the loop on top of the Fire & Ice Oregon Sunstone Pendant to give a hint of sparkle. These Ice diamonds are natural, semi raw looking and have a sleepy brilliance.

All colors are natural and may vary from those shown. Choose from two fiery colors: Peach or Sunset.

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Browse our large selection of Sunstone pendant necklaces. Each one is uniquely handcrafted and featuring Oregon Sunstone. Sunstone is a rare gem entirely mined in Oregon. Our custom-made pendants feature an array of beautiful colors and designs. They will make a timeless and unforgettable gift for any special occasion. We provide our clients with an exceptionally high level of service backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our jewelry. Choose from our unique collection of pendants featuring all-natural Sunstone gems.