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Oregon Sunstone Rings

If you are looking for an exclusive and everlasting wedding or engagement ring, our vast selection of Oregon Sunstone rings has everything you need. The Sunstone is a rare and beautiful gem that is sustainably mined in Oregon, meaning it delivers the highest quality and affordability. Providing an array of gorgeous colors and styles, our uniquely handcrafted collection has the perfect gift for your significant other. Our extensive selection of Oregon Sunstone rings features one-of-a-kind designs and a variety of pieces, including Oregon Sunstone wedding rings, Sunstone bands, men’s rings, and much more. The Sunstone Store prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and top-quality Artisan jewelry. Browse our extraordinary Sunstone rings collection and discover the perfect piece for you or a loved one.


Celestial Jewelry Collection

Orbit Ring-Orbit your love around the moon


Central Oregon Collection

Three Peaks Mountain Band


Celestial Jewelry Collection

“Alya Star” Oregon Sunstone Ring