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Peach Schiller Sunstone Ring-Rose & White Gold

Peach Schiller Sunstone Ring-Rose & White Gold

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Schiller is a “phenomenon” unique to some Oregon Sunstones.

What is Schiller? Copper particles are floating within the feldspar crystal appearing as sparkles inside the gemstone. This effect gives the stone a magical appearance. And it is 100% natural! Every Oregon Sunstone that displays Schiller is completely unique.

This contemporary style ring features a premium example of the delicate peach tones available in Oregon Sunstone. The color combined with Schiller makes this gem even more unique, creating a highly desirable shimmering effect in the Sunstone.

14K Rose & White Gold: Custom Made Ring, designed for daily wear.

A bezel provides maximum protection to the 6.5mm round Sunstone (approximately 1.00 carats) and then, it is embellished with a spiral of rose gold, which contrasts beautifully with the white gold bezel & band.

No snagging prongs! This low profile design is great for an active person.

The 14K white gold band is lightly textured to simulate the Schiller of the stone. The width of the band is 5mm.

The ring is currently a size 6.25.

Sunstone Guarantee & Care for your Sunstone.