How Rarity Affects the Price of Oregon Sunstone

How Rarity Affects the Price of Oregon Sunstone

Where Oregon Sunstone is Mined

Gem collectors and jewelry lovers from all over the world are fast becoming aware of this unique gemstone and appreciating the rarity of this “All American” gem. Fully transparent, top gem quality of colored and/or copper schiller Sunstone is not found anywhere else in the world. The value of this amazing gem ranges between $20 US dollars per carat up to $4,500 US dollars per carat, and below we will explain how rarity affects the price of Oregon Sunstone.

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The color descriptors of Oregon Sunstone are nearly endless and somewhat complex. There is much variation within the color range, which makes this gem exciting to collect and sought after by collectors in the industry.

Below we provide a guide to simplify the color options and to provide the sense of rarity for each color range. The scale goes from 1-10 (1 being most common and 10 being the rarest). If you are a collector or someone who appreciates gem quality stones, you are aware that rarity translates into price! Our provided range for price is listed from the lowest-highest, with the understanding that rarity of color is valued first and then the price is affected by the carat weight (size) of the Oregon Sunstone.

Price Guide

Prices shown are per carat (p/c).
Rarity by Color: 1 being most common and 10 being the rarest

1. Colorless, Champagne-$20 to $100 p/c
2. Schiller, Yellow, Light Peach-$35 to $125 p/c
3. Rootbeer, Medium Peach-$50 to $150 p/c
4. Bright Peach, Light Green-$150 to 300 p/c
5. Orangish Red-$250 to $450 p/c
6. Reddish Peach-$300 to $500 p/c
7. Red, Reddish Orange-$350 to $800 p/c
8. Forest Green, Light Teal, Light Blue-$400 to $1000 p/c
9. Purple, Burgundy, Bluish Green, Blue-$450 to $1,500 p/c
10. Multi Color-$500 to $2,000 p/c

Pricing can also be affected by cutting. “Cutting” is a broad term for fashioning and polishing a raw Sunstone crystal. This includes carving, faceting and cabbing which can all add cost. Cutting a Sunstone into a unique one-of-a-kind shape can add considerable cost and value. Depending on the quality of the cutting techniques, the gem’s cost could increase by $50 to $500 per carat.

The truth is that there was never a better time to invest in natural, high quality gems. And The Sunstone Store is proud to say that during our 40 plus years in the jewelry and gem trade, we’ve been primarily working with natural and untreated Oregon Sunstone for the majority of that time.

Sample of Current Prices for Large, Rare or One-of-a-Kind Oregon Sunstone

15.69-Carat Deep Red and Orange Oregon Sunstone……$12,500.00

11.59-Carat Bright Reddish Orange Oregon Sunstone……$3,940

12.49-Carat Green/Red Bi-Color Oregon Sunstone……..…$6,994

12.71-Carat Medium Peach Oregon Sunstone……$3,990    



354-Carat Tri-Color Schiller hand carved by Dalen Hargrave…asking price $55,550






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