Adventures in the Oregon Outback

Adventures in the Oregon Outback

In The Beginning

Steve & Elyse Douglas have been involved in the jewelry industry since 1975. The couple pursued their craft separately but in similar ways until they met in a jewelry shop in 1979 working side by side repairing & making jewelry for Vineyard Jewelers in Sonoma, CA. Steve and Elyse each spent 2 to 3 years taking classes and individually apprenticing as metalsmiths. Through their years of metalsmithing and loving gemstones, the Douglas’  have developed a strong appreciation for artfully crafted jewelry as well as unique and unusual gemstones.

Our Path to Oregon Sunstone

While the Douglas’ have honed their craft over the past 45 years, it was about 20 years ago that Oregon Sunstone became their passion. On a trip to southeastern Oregon, near the tiny town of Plush they met a part owner/operator of Dust Devil Mine. This initial meeting led to several more and ultimately sparked a partnership. Dust Devil & Douglas were united in the idea of educating people about the rare and unique gemstone called Oregon Sunstone. Ever since their first introduction the Douglas’ have made many trips to the minefields, learning about how to mine for our Oregon State Gem. Steve especially, spent considerable time in the desert operating the claims and ensuring that each stone they mined was done with sustainability in mind.

Why We Are Passionate About Oregon Sunstone

The Douglas’ knew from their first introduction to this gemstone that there was something very special about it. Their enthusiasm for the Oregon Sunstone naturally evolved into a true passion for introducing the gem and helping their customers to appreciate it, which led to  the founding of The Sunstone Store in 2017. 

The Sunstone Store is enthusiastic and excited to be representing this spectacular gemstone from their home state of Oregon, what is not to love? This native gem is vibrant and unique, from Champagnes, Peaches, Sunset, and Greens to the gorgeous copper inclusions called Schiller. Oregon Sunstone is versatile and timeless. We carefully choose the stones we set in our handcrafted jewelry and craft each piece with intention. Creating heirloom jewelry that will be passed down and appreciated through the generations is our mission.  Whether it is a pair of  classic solitaire style earrings or a custom engagement ring we ensure that each piece is made with high quality, sustainably mined Oregon Sunstone. 

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