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The Story of Oregon Sunstone Book

The Story of Oregon Sunstone Book

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"The Story of Oregon Sunstone" by Steven & Elyse Douglas

Learn more about Oregon Sunstone in this colorful, 30 page The Story of Oregon Sunstone Book

See photos of custom made & award winning jewelry designed for Oregon Sunstone by the Douglas'.

The Sunstone Store specializes in unique jewelry designs using the Oregon State Gemstone, Oregon Sunstone.

This book will answer many questions you have about what Sunstone is and where it comes from.

  • Where & how Oregon Sunstone is mined.
  • Images of the rugged beauty of Southeastern Oregon.
  • Learn how Sunstone crystals are sorted, shaped and polished.
  • Gorgeous gems and crystals from the mines.
  • See creative jewelry designs incorporating Oregon Sunstone.

To learn more about this incredible Oregon native Feldspar and our responsible mining practices, click on our About Oregon Sunstone page.

At The Sunstone Store our all time favorite gem is the Oregon Sunstone, in part because of its amazing array of naturally occurring colors from reds to greens, champagnes, and the unique copper included “schillers.”

The Feldspar group of minerals are one of the most common on the planet, however Oregon’s unique copper-bearing Plagioclase Feldspar is found nowhere else in the world. The Oregon Sunstone was designated Oregon’s Official State Gem by the Oregon legislature in 1987.

At a hardness of 6.5-7.2 on the Moh’s scale, comparable to gemstones like Tanzanite and Peridot, Oregon Sunstone is suitable for almost any jewelry application. However, in rings we do caution against every day wear unless properly designed for this purpose.