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Peach Solitaire Pendant in Silver

Peach Solitaire Pendant in Silver

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Peach Solitaire Pendant

You will love our Oregon Sunstone Peach Solitaire Pendant in this gorgeous shade! The size is 6mm round so approximately .80 carats.

This classic Peach Solitaire Pendant necklace is set in Sterling Silver and includes a chain in 16 or 18 inches, making it a staple, daily wear piece of jewelry.

The necklace is a perfect accompaniment to our silver stud earrings or dangle earring style.

The Peach color you receive could vary slightly from the photo ranging from Light Peach to Dark Peach.

Light Peach Examples


These Sunstone pendants feature a rare gem entirely mined in Oregon. Sunstone naturally occurs in an array of beautiful colors, making our designs them timeless and unforgettable gifts for any special occasion. We provide our clients with an exceptionally high level of service backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our jewelry. The magic and excellence of our Sunstone pendant necklaces provide an unmatched radiance and beauty. Our unique collection of pendants features all-natural Sunstone gems, delivering the ultimate quality at affordable prices.