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Oregon Sunstone-Champagne Stud Earrings-6.5mm

Oregon Sunstone-Champagne Stud Earrings-6.5mm

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Near colorless Oregon Sunstone Studs-Better than diamonds!
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Classic Style--Oregon Sunstone Champagne Stud Earrings

These sterling silver earrings are set in a four prong basket with a post and friction back.

Each Champagne Sunstone is 6.5mm, approximately 2.00 carat total weight for the pair.

Champagne Sunstone was once called "Plush Diamond". They were named after the tiny town of Plush, Oregon which the locals named "The Home of Oregon sunstone gemstone".

Better Than Diamonds: All natural & mined in the USA

This nearly colorless, Sunstone variety, makes these earrings a "must have" item for daily wear.

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Our selection of elegant Oregon Sunstone earrings are made with this unique gemstone in mind. Earrings are a woman’s number one Jewelry Accessory. Each pair of earrings features the rare brilliance of Oregon Sunstone which is mined exclusively in Southeastern Oregon. These rare & unique gems make them the perfect gift for special occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays & graduations. Our large collection offers a variety of designs, styles, and gem colors. Browse our exclusive line of Oregon Sunstone earrings at affordable prices and choose the perfect set for you or a loved one.