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Choosing Bridal Party Jewelry

Choosing Bridal Jewelry

Once you’ve chosen your favorite people to stand up with you during your wedding your next step is to carefully plan their dress choices in the style and color scheme you want so that you can be sure they complement your wedding dress. Helping members of the wedding coordinate their jewelry choices is the next step and an important detail that will be sure to make this momentous day extra special. Oregon Sunstone is available in a variety of colors and The Sunstone Store can help you create just the right Bridal Party Jewelry look for your wedding day!

Where to Start

If you’re not sure what accessories your bridesmaids should show off, consider what you are wearing as a place to start. If your bridal jewelry style is all about statement earrings and an understated necklace, carry that over to your bridesmaid’s accessories. While you don’t want to have your bridesmaids match the bride exactly, pulling elements from her jewelry—like having the ‘maids rock matching pendants—is an elegant way to form a classic and stylish look.

The Perfect Necklace

One of the most important decisions in deciding on a necklace is the length of the pendant. Where will it rest in relation to the neckline of the dress for each of your bridesmaids’ dresses?  The Sunstone Store has a selection of styles. Are you envisioning a more modern look? Choose a necklace that incorporates a bezel set Sunstone. Want a more classic look? Choose a necklace that is set in prongs.

Earrings for the Bridal Party

Earrings should be chosen based on hairstyle and stature of your bridesmaids.  Long dangling earrings can be very dramatic and elegant. Stud earrings are a more classic, understated statement. Which style will complement the overall look you have envisioned for your wedding? 

Colors of Oregon Sunstone

This is a day that you have dreamed and planned on for many months! Oregon Sunstone in the Champagne Color is very popular as wedding jewelry because it is neutral. This nearly colorless variety of Oregon Sunstone compliments any wedding attire! Champagne Oregon Sunstone looks amazing with cool colors like blues & purples or warm colors like peach & yellow.  

Ideal Bracelet

Made especially for the conscientious bride that wants to support sustainable, local gems and jewelry. The Sunstone Store has crafted “The Love Knot” cuff which is made in Oregon. It is a perfect choice for your Bridal Party Jewelry. The love knot is an ancient symbol representing eternal love. 


A Forever Gift

Selecting accessories for your wedding party can be a lot of fun and shopping options can also be overwhelming.  A good rule to follow is choosing well made, intentional pieces that will be treasured and worn again will be appreciated more than an entire array of jewelry made from low quality metals and fake stones. Fine jewelry as a gift to members of your wedding party, is the most lasting gift you can give. Be sure to choose solid metals like sterling silver and karat gold as opposed to plated jewelry. Solid, precious metals will remain beautiful for generations. Oregon Sunstone is a durable gem that can withstand daily wear when set in necklaces and earrings.  

If you are opting to let your bridesmaids choose their own jewelry it is easiest to give them guidelines or a website to choose styles that align with what you’d like them to wear. Opting to gift accessories to your your wedding party is a great way to let them all know you appreciate their support and jewelers that have similar styles for bridesmaids and groomsmen are great options and ensures everyone has a similar look on the big day! 

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