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Valentine Heart Necklace with Oregon Sunstone.

Valentine Heart Necklace with Oregon Sunstone.

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Sterling Silver Valentine Heart Necklace with Oregon Sunstone.
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The Valentine Heart Necklace is made in solid sterling silver with a bright orange Oregon Sunstone (about .45cts) dangling in the cleft of the heart. The necklace is approximately 17 inches long with a heavy duty lobster claw clasp. The heart measures about 1.0 inch in length and .75 inch in width.

At the Sunstone Store, we know how important it is to acknowledge your loving feelings with a special gift that says "I love you!" We have created this unique gift just for those moments when you want to celebrate your special relationship.

The "Heart" as a symbol is very powerful and ancient. The first known depiction of a heart-shape as a symbol of love was in the 1250's French manuscript the Roman de la poire, in which a young man holds his vaguely pine cone-shaped heart up towards his lady love. Up until the fourteenth century, the heart was usually depicted upside down.