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Nug Jug-Silver/14K Gold Gemstone Treasure Box

Nug Jug-Silver/14K Gold Gemstone Treasure Box

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NugJug--Flower Box--Treasure Box

Looking for an elegant way to store your bud? These hand made treasure boxes are inlaid with beautiful gems to make them a one-of-kind, tastefully discreet storage compartment.

Imagine other uses! These tiny compartments can elegantly store jewelry, tablets & pills.

Approximate Dimensions: 1.0 inches in diameter, .75 inches tall. The interior space holds a US size twenty five cent piece.

Materials: The container is solid sterling silver. 14K yellow gold tabs help to grasp the lid, twist & pull.

Gem Top Description: Grasp the tabs, twist & pull.

  1. Crazy Lace Agate-White/Orange
  2. Orbicular Jasper-White/Reddish Brown
  3. Montana Agate-Black/Translucent Colorless
  4. Deschutes Jasper-Green/Brown/Tan (SOLD)
  5. Mexican Crazy Lace Agate-Orange/Brown/White/Tan
  6. Deschutes Jasper-Tan/Brown