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Nature's Bling Ring-Champagne Sunstone

Nature's Bling Ring-Champagne Sunstone

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Nature's Bling Ring

At The Sunstone Store, we think that Diamond's are not necessarily a girls best friend. Our Oregon Grown Sunstone in the Champagne color with it's amazing brilliance is a great alternative! This is a locally mined gemstone, always natural and untreated.

“Champagne” Sunstone shows amazing brilliance!

The Champagne color is the most abundant color variety found in the Rabbit Basin area of Southeastern Oregon. Sunstone is considered to be rarer than Diamond! Our sunstone is only mined in the Southeastern part of Oregon so comes from a relatively small area. Our Champagne Sunstone is especially brilliant due to the concave facets in the pavilion (bottom) of the gem.

Diamond like look but a terrific value.

The color variety that we have chosen for our Sunstone Bride Collection is the Champagne Sunstone. This Champagne color is not quite white and very brilliant (thanks to our special cutting). This glowing neutral warm tone looks beautiful on any skin tone and compliments any Bride’s color scheme. We have designed the pieces using solid gold (not plated or overlaid with color)

Our jewelry is often MADE TO ORDER, please allow as little as 3 days and up to 4 weeks for us to create your custom piece of Oregon Sunstone Jewelry, plus shipping.