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Enchanted Engagement Ring-Peach Sunstone

Enchanted Engagement Ring-Peach Sunstone

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This Enchanted Engagement Ring features an oval Peach Oregon Sunstone with two accent diamonds on each side.

You will find that this ring is very unique due to the orientation of the oval (East to West). The band is narrow, about 2.5mm, with open filligree on the sides under the gemstone. This gives the ring a very feminine, petite styling.

Set in 10K Rose Gold, the Oval 1.25 ct. Oregon Sunstone measures 8 x 6mm. Two diamonds are set on either side, .06 ct in total weight.

Want this ring in 10K White Gold or Yellow Gold? The price is the same so just make a note in the "message box" at check out & let me know what you prefer. Also, make a request for a for the ring to be sized. But only if you are exactly certain of the size.

The Peach colored Oregon Sunstone can range from light to medium peach & often exhibiting Schiller. Oregon Sunstones are 100% natural and never treated, because of this, there is a lot of natural variation in color.

What is Schiller?

“Schiller” is unique to Oregon Sunstones. This is when copper particles are suspended within the feldspar crystal looking like sparkles inside the gemstone. This phenomenon is 100% natural and every Oregon Sunstone that displays Schiller is completely unique.

Rings are MADE TO ORDER. Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to create your custom piece of Oregon Sunstone Jewelry, plus shipping.

Learn more! Click on our About Oregon Sunstone page.

Quantities are limited to supply of Peach Sunstone in this size.

100% Natural & Mined in Oregon

Only in the past 10 to 15 years has Oregon Sunstone grown in popularity as a gem. The colors of Oregon Sunstone are difficult to compare to traditional gemstones, because so few gems display such a wide variety of naturally occurring colors.

From near colorless to champagne yellows, soft pinks to vivid oranges, intense reds to deep greens, and even combinations of several colors within one stone! Individual in their beauty, no two Oregon Sunstones are exactly alike, offering a unique and personal alternative to traditional gemstones.

Our Oregon Sunstones are never dyed or treated in anyway and all their color is Guaranteed 100% Natural! This is uncommon in the world of gemstones today, as most gems are treated in some way before they reach the retail market.