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Oregon Sunstone Eclipse Ring

Oregon Sunstone Eclipse Ring

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The Oregon Sunstone Eclipse Ring is bezel set with a Peach or Sunset color Oregon Sunstone with Lab-grown Diamond accents.

Super Comfortable: Oregon Sunstone Eclipse Ring ring is made for daily wear. You will love wearing this ring because of it's low profile & smooth bezel (no snagging prongs!). The bezel also serves to protect the Sunstone.


Dimensions: The diameter of the circular top measures about 11mm. The decorative band or shank measures 2mm. The height is approximately 5.5mm. The diamonds are chemically identical to natural diamonds but man-made, weighing .04 carats total.

The silver version is solid sterling with a light satin finish. We have oxidized (darkened) the low areas to accentuate the fine detail.

The gold version is solid 10K gold. It has a brighter, semi polished finish to give it that "fine jewelry" look.

Custom made for you: We make this ring to your specification and finger size. Please expect approximately 3 weeks for delivery.

Fun to Know

All eclipses symbolize change. They predict new beginnings and usually manifest themselves as events in the outside world.

Around the time of solar eclipses, we start something new, we become hopeful, we make commitments and affirmations, plans and choices, we accept challenges, we make decisions, we change, we grow up, we make efforts, we feel unsettled or pressed for time, emotions overwhelm us, we experience a crisis and we are excited.

Have It Your Way

Oregon Sunstone (Colors will vary) : Brilliant 5mm weighing approximately .50 carats.

  • Peach-dark to light slightly reddish-Orange
  • Sunset-dark to light orangish-Red

Precious Metal Type & Color:

  • 10K White Gold
  • 10K Yellow Gold
  • 10K Rose Gold
  • Sterling Silver

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