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Classic Sunstone Engagement Ring

Classic Sunstone Engagement Ring

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Classic & Timeless Four Prong Solitaire!

Our Classic Sunstone Engagement Ring in a Tiffany style features a Peach Champagne color Oregon Sunstone as the primary gemstone, most of which also have a hint of sparkling, glitter like copper.......called Schiller!

What is Schiller? “Schiller” is unique to Oregon Sunstones. This is when copper particles are suspended within the feldspar crystal looking like sparkles inside the gemstone. This phenomenon is 100% natural and every Oregon Sunstone that displays Schiller is completely unique.

Why the "Tiffany" style Classic Sunstone Engagement Ring is one of the most popular:

  • Timeless: You will enjoy this style for years to come because it very simply features the primary gemstone.
  • Value: The Sunstone measures 7mm in diameter & weighs approximately 1.25 carats.
  • Sustainably Mined: in Southeastern Oregon
  • Choice: Choose from our most popular gold colors.

Reasons for choosing a Neutral Color-Champagne Oregon Sunstone with just a hint of Peach tones:

  • Looks good in Yellow, White or Rose Gold
  • Will not color-clash with clothing or skin tone

Matching Wedding Bands are available for this Classic Solitaire:

Because you are interested in this engagement ring, you may also be shopping for a wedding band? Please email us and we will give the details.

Finger Size:

  • The stock finger size for this ring is 6.5 to 7. We recommend presenting the ring first before having the ring sized smaller or larger.
  • Know the exact finger size? Enter the size in the box called "order notes (optional)".

Oregon Sunstone is Unique to Oregon

There are many reasons why The Sunstone Store is passionate about Oregon Sunstone. This mineral it is found all over the world but the copper bearing Sunstone is only found in Oregon and in a unique array of stunning, natural colors. Sunstone is Oregon’s Official State Gem! All of our Sunstones are guaranteed to be sourced from mines only in Oregon.