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Champagne Bridal Saturn Earrings

Champagne Bridal Saturn Earrings

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Champagne Saturn Earrings

These elegant dangling Champagne Saturn Earrings are hand made in solid Sterling Silver with a secure French style ear wire.

The Champagne Oregon Sunstone is the nearly colorless variety of feldspar mined in Eastern Oregon. It is bezel set and suspended in the center of each circle and have so much pretty movement to catch the light. We love the perfect symmetry of these earrings and we know you will too.

We set the Sunstone in a bezel to give the earring a clean, modern design. These earrings are lightweight so won't pull hard on the lobe.

This is a great earring for any of the lovely ladies from the bridal party and will go beautifully with other designs from our Champagne Sunstone Bridal Collection.

This earring will pair well with many of our bezel style necklaces:

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