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Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas from The Sunstone Store

Father's Day is a day for celebrating the special man in your life by giving a unique and remarkable gift. At The Sunstone Store, we offer a selection of Oregon Sunstone men's jewelry that is sure to make this Father’s Day unforgettable. Here are some fantastic gifts, inspired by Oregon's State Gem, the Oregon Sunstone!

1. Rugged and Refined: Oregon Sunstone Rings

Rings are one of the most timeless pieces of jewelry for men. Our collection of Oregon Sunstone rings at The Sunstone Store is designed with both rugged and refined aesthetics in mind. These rings feature the natural beauty of Oregon Sunstone, known for its captivating range of colors from deep reds to shimmering greens. A Sunstone ring makes a powerful statement piece, perfect for the dad who appreciates unique, locally crafted gifts.

2. Silver/14K Gold Gemstone Treasure Box

For the father who enjoys a touch of sophistication, consider our Gemstone Treasure Box. These handmade treasure boxes are inlaid with beautiful gems to make them a one-of-kind, tastefully discreet storage compartment.

3. Raw Sunstone Keepsakes

If your dad is a fan of natural beauty, consider gifting him raw Oregon Sunstones as keepsakes that you mined yourself! These uncut stones hold a raw, organic charm and can be displayed in his office, study, or home. The untouched essence of these stones captures the pristine beauty of The Oregon Outback landscape, offering a piece of nature that he can treasure forever.

4. Pendants

Men’s pendants featuring Oregon Sunstones offer a modern and stylish gift option. Our collection includes pendants that combine and Sunstone elements in a selection of golds and silver, creating a look that is both rugged and refined. These pendants are perfect for everyday wear.

Camping and Mining Adventures

For the adventurous dad, plan a trip to Eastern Oregon to mine for your own Oregon Sunstones. After a day of treasure hunting at the  Double Eagle Mine, stay at local lodgings such as the Lakeview Lodge Hotel or the Neon Cowboy Roadhouse at Hunter's Hot Springs. This unique experience not only provides the thrill of discovering natural gems but also the opportunity to create custom jewelry pieces together at The Sunstone Store.

This Father’s Day, show your dad just how special he is with a gift from The Sunstone Store. Explore our collection of men’s jewelry and discover the perfect Oregon Sunstone piece that reflects his unique style and personality. Whether you choose a rugged ring, distinctive cufflinks, a pendant, or plan an adventure to mine your own stones, your gift will be a cherished reminder of your appreciation and love. Visit to find the perfect Father’s Day gift today.

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