Ring Sizing Instructions

Ring Sizing Instructions

In General:

You should choose the size that is quite tight over the knuckle but comfortable in the area below that. The size you choose should be tight enough that a wiggle and a tug is needed to pull it off over the knuckle when removing the ring. It is always a little easier to push it on than it will be to take it off.

It is quite common for wide rings to fit much tighter. The wider the band, the tighter it fits. Wide rings will require a larger size than a narrow ring, sometimes as much as a half size larger.

Be sure to let me know what width you will ultimately want for your new ring. This will influence how I adjust the ring size to accommodate your choice.


  • Typically, long fingers can comfortably wear wider bands/rings, usually 6mm to 8mm wide.
  • Short fingers can comfortably wear 4mm to 6mm wide.


  • Women with long fingers can wear many widths. However, very wide rings (10mm to 12mm) can be uncomfortable. This width will trap water underneath. The flesh underneath gets “soggy”! Not a good idea.
  • Shorter fingers look best with narrower rings, 2mm to 4mm wide is most popular.

Types of fingers: Trace your finger on a piece of paper and compare.

If your knuckle is overly large compared to your finger, then choose the tightest possible size that will go over your knuckle that is NOT uncomfortable. In almost every case, it will be easily removed with a little soap and water. For your finger type, this may be what necessary to keep the ring from spinning. The knuckle is what keeps the ring on YOUR finger!

If your knuckle is smaller than your finger, then choose a size that will slip on to the knuckle and push into the smallest area of your finger     but without constricting the plush padded area. Note: If you have a finger shape like this, I recommend a narrower rig style that is 4mm or less. The pad is what keeps the ring on YOUR finger.

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