Oregon Sunstone Colors for Every Month

Oregon Sunstone Colors for Every Month

Oregon Sunstone Colors for Every Month

Alternative Oregon Sunstone birthstone options to fall in love with



birthstone is a gem that represents when a person was born. The Sunstone Store has a variety of Oregon Sunstone colors for every month to represent an alternative birthstone to the traditional birthstone chart! 

Wearing your birthstone supposedly brings you luck. For those looking for alternative birthstones, options exist beyond the modern and traditional lists.  Oregon Sunstone comes in a variety of hues, shades and combinations to give anyone who is disheartened by their “traditional” birthstone a birthstone alternative they can fall in love with.

What if you don’t Like your Birthstone?

Have you always hated your “traditional” birthstone? Then Sunstone may be a great alternative.  Jewelry should make you feel good, be an expression of what you like & who you are! Communicate that sentiment to help avoid receiving a piece of jewelry you are not fond of. Speak up… if you are not thrilled with your traditional birthstone and don’t be afraid to favor one of our alternative Oregon Sunstone options.

Our Sunstone Suggestions for Alternative Birthstones

Sunstone Birthstone Alternative Chart

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