Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Purple Haze Pendant

Oregon Holly Blue Agate, also known as Holly Blue Chalcedony, is an exceptionally rare micro crystalline quartz found near Sweet Home, Oregon. It is rare because the occurrence is relatively small, especially in even, saturated colors like this, and the site is located on private property that few people have access to. Though it’s commonly called Holly Blue you know you are looking at the real deal when it has this lavender/purple hue to it (we’re always reminded of grape jelly). Unlike Ellensburg Blue from Washington, which is a truer blue. 

The Design

Steven Douglas bought a handful of rough Oregon Holly Blue Agate some 20 years ago from a rockhound that had access to the site at the time. He commissioned Bend, Oregon gem carver, Ken Rose, to create this singular gem with its sensual form. After 20 years and a handful of sketches Steven arrived at the design that would become this one-of-a-kind pendant. Hand built from 14 karat gold stock, most of which Steven alloyed and milled himself, this pendant is designed to compliment but not detract from the beauty of this carved gem. 

Built in his unique style that blends a contemporary aesthetic with traditional two-tier galleried construction, this is truly a one-off piece. Never to be duplicated every detail was carefully thought out. The design of this piece allows the chain to be hidden behind the “sun.” While the size, color and placement of the Oregon Sunstone that compliments and balances the piece. White, yellow and rose gold are used dependent on various aesthetic and mechanical considerations important to both the durability and beauty of this Oregon Holly Blue pendant.

Steven James Douglas has been making jewelry for over 45 years. Now semi-retired in beautiful Southern Oregon, Steven continues to make a handful of one-off pieces each year inspired heavily by the natural world. With roots in lapidary and rockhounding that preceded the years in “Fine Jewelry” he strives to cultivate a unique approach to rock and gem cutting and use. His preferred metals are yellow gold alloys in 14 and 18 karat. Though he is a highly skilled wax carver he prefers to fabricate from milled stock these days. 

Oregon Sunstone is prominently featured in most of Steven’s work and can be found online at sunstonestore.com. His Instagram is @oregonsunstoneminer.

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