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Martian Seascape Pendant

Martian Seascape Pendant

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A One of a Kind Masterpiece

This unique pendant is hand fabricated in 14K Yellow Gold. The clustered gems are bezel set, consisting of three Oregon Sunstones & one small diamond. Notice how changeable the gem cabochon is in different lighting with different backgrounds. It is truly mesmerizing!


  • Length: 2 inches long from top of chain bail to bottom
  • Width: 1.25 inches
  • Depth: .35 inches

If Mars had an ocean we imagine it would look something like this stunning pendant. Developed by Steven Douglas, this process of layering slices of gem quality minerals to create a single cabochon, is called "painting with stone".

Painting With Stone

Steven Douglas explains: "In looking to develop something unique in the lapidary arts, I have been laminating various natural agates and jaspers together to achieve a look that is all natural but not found in nature.

Lamination is a Layering Process

Quick Description: Usually, my laminated cabochons consist of three layers with the top being a layer of lab grown quartz which takes and exceptional polish and has a slight magnifying effect while creating an illusion of depth. The other layers will be natural stone that I cut in thin sections by hand that are carefully selected to compliment one another and produce a look that would not occur in nature by themselves.

Many Weeks to Complete

More Details: I use a museum grade epoxy in this process to bond the three layers together. This process can take weeks to complete because if the long set times for the epoxy. But it’s worth the wait for the exceptional clarity and strength of this epoxy. Once bonded, I refine the shape and give the gem it’s final polish. It is in a way like painting with stone, picking colors and patterns that compliment one another and putting them together to achieve a unique look."

Gem Minerals Used:

  1. Graveyard Point Agate from Eastern Oregon near the Idaho Border
  2. Red Moss Agate from Maury Mountain in Oregon
  3. Lab Grown Quartz

As expected, these creations are one-of-a-kind and the pendant you see is the pendant you are purchasing.