Our Guarantee

We guarantee to repair or replace the Oregon Sunstone in your engagement/wedding ring from The Sunstone Store under the following circumstances:

  • Within the first 2 years (24 months) of purchase and normal wear*, we will repair scratched or abraded Sunstones in your original design at no charge.
  • Within the first three (3) years of normal wear*, we will replace the Oregon Sunstone with the same size, color, tone if the Oregon Sunstone becomes chipped, cracked or broken inside of the setting, one time, at no charge to the customer.
  • After the third year and thereafter we will gladly repair or replace your Oregon Sunstone at a fair price.
  • Our guarantee is limited to the replacement of the gemstone itself. The repair and labor involved in resetting the gemstone(s) and/or the setting will be at the customers expense. If a prong or bezel replacement is needed to properly secure the new FREE Sunstone then the customer will pay for the necessary labor and materials.

Our Recommendation

* We advise against settings that expose the Oregon Sunstone to higher risks of damage. With the proper setting and proper care, Oregon Sunstone will wear very well in your engagement/wedding ring. Therefore we are limited to guaranteeing only setting styles that we deem “fit” for frequent wear. We make every attempt to educate our customers that love and wish to use this unique gemstone in their engagement/wedding ring. “Normal wear” is limited.

Taking necessary precautions are essential, for example; do not wear your Sunstone during outdoor recreational activities, gardening or rock climbing as this type of exposure to hard surfaces may scratch or chip your gemstone.

We advise all our customers to remove any and all jewelry in the evenings and avoid sleeping in it. We also advise you not to expose your jewelry to harsh chemicals or cleaners such as bleaches, paint or peroxides as they can be abrasive to your metals and gemstones. Do not wear your Sunstone ring (or any jewelry) in pools or hot tubs and saunas as the harsh chlorinated waters and extreme heat can cause damage to the metal.

We do require that you bring in your Oregon Sunstone design at least once a year to allow our trained staff to inspect and evaluate how your jewelry is being worn. We may suggest at that time necessary repairs that will ensure proper wear of your ring with Oregon Sunstone(s) and their settings. If the customer declines such advisable repairs, we can not be held liable for damages to your setting or Sunstone(s). We can not guarantee the setting or Sunstone(s) if repairs or modifications are made by any other goldsmiths or jewelers other than our Sunstone Store trained professionals.

Please note that Oregon Sunstone is a copper bearing gemstone that is untreated with a variety of naturally occurring colors; therefore, we are limited in our ability to duplicate or replace your one of a kind Sunstone in your ring with an exact match. We will always strive to replace it with the closest match possible and appreciate our customers understanding of what is out of our control and in mother nature’s hands.

We can not guarantee or replace the Sunstone if it is lost out of it’s original setting and there is visible damage that was done to cause this.

We do, however, guarantee our settings and workmanship in setting these gemstones and will stand behind our designs by taking necessary steps to correct them.


For any questions or further information on using Oregon Sunstones in an engagement ring please call our showroom and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members or email us and we will reply within 2 business days.

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