Genuine Sunstone Bride

This idea of designing Bridal Jewelry with Oregon Sunstone was born after I did some research about the choices available for brides looking to commemorate their special day and finding very little jewelry of good quality. What I saw was plated or overlaid metals with man-made (fake!) gems and on top of that, much of it was made overseas.  Sure, they were sold for rock bottom prices but it’s because of inferior construction and quality. This is not a time to be settling for Fake Jewelry! Brides obviously need more to choose from! On a special day like this, Brides deserve to be given Real Jewelry made with Natural Oregon Sunstone to celebrate this monumental occasion. Members of the wedding party are often given small gifts as thankyous. Brides want to say thank you with Real Jewelry & Gems, not plated, fake gifts that fall apart and discolor within months. No one would spend their hard-earned cash on something that is practically disposable if they had a choice!

“Real” Sunstone Bridal Jewelry

Elyse Douglas at The Sunstone Store got to work in her studio. She spent months just sketching the designs hand making each piece. She worked with a local dress designer, testing the new line by exposing it to brides during their photography session. There is no doubt that there is a strong desire for Genuine Jewelry made just for Brides, Groomsmen and all other members of The Wedding Party including; Mother & Father of The Bride, Mother & Father of The Groom, Grand Parents, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Ring Bearer. They all want to remember the day with a lasting memento that is as authentic as their love.

Affordable & “Real” Sunstone Jewelry for Your Wedding

Oregon Sunstone is a beautiful natural gemstone mined in a remote area of Southeastern Oregon. This gem was named Oregon’s State Gem in 1987. The Sunstone Store procures the raw crystal from local miners, many of whom have been mining Sunstone for over 25 years. Steve Douglas has been personally working with many of these same mining companies for years. Steve Douglas, co-owner of The Sunstone Store says: “We know where Sunstone comes from, who mined it, how it was mined and what’s been done to it. Very few gemstones can make this claim”. We know that our Brides like it “Real”.

 Jewelry That Lasts Forever

Sunstone comes in many colors. The color variety that we have chosen for our Sunstone Bride Collection is the Champagne Sunstone. This color is not quite white, very brilliant (thanks to our special cutting) and has a glowing neutral warmth that looks beautiful on any skin tone and complimentary with any Bride’s color scheme.  In general, we have designed the pieces using solid sterling silver which is very affordable so that everyone in the Wedding Party can have a Sunstone Memento from The Wedding Day that will last forever.

Rarer Than Diamonds: Natural, Sustainable, Mined in Oregon

We love supporting our beautiful state and the local miners that provide our Sunstone crystals. Sunstone was once called “Plush Diamond”. Named as our state gem in 1987, Sunstone refers to a very specific mineral found in Southeastern Oregon. This gem grade, copper bearing feldspar is found nowhere else. There are other gems that are similar and sometimes called Sunstone but these are not “Oregon Sunstone” because they lack the copper component. We guarantee the authenticity of our gems. Our close relationship with the mining operations and the miners ensures us that we are only working with the natural, untreated gems from the Oregon high desert.

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