Everlasting Bezel Set Engagement Ring


Create everlasting memories with the Everlasting Solitaire Oregon Sunstone Ring. This beauty is available in various gold and Sunstone color combinations.

Sunstone size and weight: 6.5 mm round, 1.00 Carat

Finger size: approximately 6 3/4

Gold: 10 K Gold; available in Rose, White and Yellow Gold

Sunstone Color:

  • Champagne– Mostly colorless with hints of yellow, pink or green.
  • Peach– Various shades of pink to orange, with or without *Schiller.
  • Sunset– Bright and fiery orange to red tones, with or without *Schiller.
  • Pink Champagne- describes a very light peach sunstone exhibiting  Schiller phenomenon. It looks like sparkling pink champagne! This color looks stunning in Rose Gold. They compliment each other perfectly. Schiller pattern will always vary somewhat from gem to gem. No two are alike.