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This category of jewelry is a new secondary category. Our primary focus is Oregon Sunstone. Over the years we have created many one-of-a-kind designs that do not incorporate Sunstone. But we often create other beautifully crafted and unique designs, nonetheless. This category is primarily made up of unique, no longer reproducible jewelry items but also include other interesting project pieces. Since we are moving away from most other gemstones and focusing on Oregon Sunstone, these designs are one of a kind and discontinued forever. The items in this Non-Jewelry Category are typically marked down considerably to facilitate the sale.

CLOSE OUT PRICES: Why are we are we selling these stunningly beautiful items at such an incredible low price? Because they are the last of their kind and will never be reproduced. The Sunstone Store has discontinued most of their diamond ring designs and so we are closing them out for good. It is even stamped DFJ. Douglas Fine Jewelry was our first jewelry store in Bend, Oregon back in 2010. Most of these item are 50% Off from their original prices. Take advantage of this opportunity to add to your collection. You can trust that the quality and value is represented honestly. We are offering these pieces at amazing values for finely crafted unique jewelry and gifts.


Designer Jewelry by Steven Douglas

Nug Jug-Silver/14K Gold Gemstone Treasure Box