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Celestial Jewelry Collection

These heavenly designs all relate to the heavenly bodies in our sky.  The Celestial Jewelry Collection was inspired by natural celestial objects, visible in the sky, such as a star, planet, natural satellite, asteroid, comet, the Moon or the Sun.

Humans are fascinated by the night sky. We are drawn to the immensity, the mystery and beauty of it. Are you a stargazer or an astronomer? The Celestial Jewelry Collection

Ever since people first wandered the Earth, great significance has been given to the celestial objects seen in the sky. Throughout human history and across many different cultures, names and mythical stories have been attributed to the star patterns in the night sky, thus giving birth to what we know as constellations.

When were the first constellations recorded? Archaeological studies have identified possible astronomical markings painted on the walls in the cave system at Lascaux in southern France. Our ancestors may have recorded their view of the night sky on the walls of their cave some 17 300 years ago. Constellations were part of the historical record in Mesopotamian culture around 4000 B.C. In the 8th century B.C. Homer mentioned a few now familiar constellations in his epic poem, the Odyssey.

Celestial Jewelry Collection

Saturn Pendant-Rings around the Sunstone


Celestial Jewelry Collection

Saturn Earrings-Sunstone Sparklers


Celestial Jewelry Collection

Galilean Moon Pendant


Sunstone Bridal Jewelry

Saturn Sunstone Earring Stud


Sunstone Jewelry Essentials

Shooting Star Pendant-Oregon Sunstone


Celestial Jewelry Collection

Rainbow Sunstone Ring-Lucky three stone ring


Celestial Jewelry Collection

Orbit Ring-Orbit your love around the moon


Celestial Jewelry Collection

Orbit Pendant


Celestial Jewelry Collection

Eclipse Pendant-Total Eclipse


Engagement Ring

Halley’s Comet Ring


Engagement Ring

Venus Ring-Elegance