Bryan Brown

A Jewelry Artist from Sisters, OR.

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A talented Jewelry Artist who works in Mokume-gane. He has spent over 40 years perfecting his craft. Each sheet of Mokume-Gane he uses is hand crafted using the techniques of Shakudo or Shibuichi and sometimes both are utilized to create stunning works of art, all featuring an Oregon Sunstone.

Each piece should be considered a one-of-a-kind as the pattern you see cannot be duplicated, but he can recreate each of these lovely designs. If one of his beautiful items catches your attention and is currently unavailable, please contact us and we can help you purchase over the phone or take a custom order.

Mokume-Gane Long Pendant
Mokume-Gane Pendulum Earrings
Mokume-Gane 3D Kite Pendant
Mokume-Gane Disk Earrings
Gane Angled Long Earrings
Mokume-Gane Disk Pendant