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From an early age, it was clear to Elyse Douglas that some form of artistic expression would be a central theme of her life’s journey. Growing up, she was consistently involved in arts and crafts, from dance and music to graphic art and painting.

Elyse Douglas
Elyse Douglas Owner, Designer, Goldsmith, Gemologist

While studying graphic art at the University of Texas at Austin, she took a non-credit jewelry making class — just for fun — and found herself hooked for life. It was the challenge of designing in three dimensions and the excitement of working with precious metals and a myriad colors and fine gems that made the medium so enticing.
After moving to Sacramento, California, Elyse sought out employment at small jewelry and lapidary shops, where she could practice and expand her jewelry making skills while studying art at American River College. Continuing on her path to becoming a jewelry making professional, Elyse moved to Rohnert Park in Sonoma County, California, where she began working in fine jewelry stores, while accessing advanced training at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco.

It was at this time that Elyse also began to study the science of gemology through the Gemological Institute of America, the world’s most prestigious Gem research and education organization.

In the summer of 1981, Elyse interviewed for a goldsmith position at Vineyard Jewelers in historic Sonoma, California, where Steve Douglas had been working since 1979. A little over a year later the two were married and continued to work in Sonoma until they moved to Bend, Oregon, with their two boys, in 1988.

Elyse Douglas’ Style

Elyse’s personal style tends toward fluid, organic lines and asymmetrical designs incorporating non-traditional colored gems and is most influenced by the Art Nouveau period of the late 19th century. When working with clients to design a piece, she demonstrates an uncanny ability to intuit a person’s individual style that borders on a sixth sense. Her experience at the bench and thorough understanding of manufacturing techniques give her an unparalleled grasp of the custom jewelry process from concept through completion.

She works in the jewelry studio designing and executing her own original creations as well as designing for her inspirational clients. Her current works are featured in The Sunstone Store’s Downtown Bend Showroom and the Hood Ave. Art Gallery in Sisters.

Elyse currently holds certificates in Diamonds, Diamond Grading, Colored Stone Identification, and Colored Stone Grading. She is also a graduate of the Master Valuer jewelry appraisal program.

To schedule a design consultation with Elyse Douglas please email her at [email protected]