Oregon Sunstone
——–An All American Gemstone——–
(Only found in Oregon)

We guarantee that your Sunstone is a Genuine Oregon Sunstone, natural AND untreated in
any way AND responsibly sourced from independent miners complying with all state and
federal environmental and mining safety regulations.

Official State Gem of Oregon
Your Oregon Sunstone is a type of mineral known as plagioclase feldspar. Feldspar minerals are common
throughout the world but what makes Oregon Sunstone unique is the presence of copper in the gem. It’s the
copper that gives Oregon Sunstone its broad range of hues and creates the “Schiller Effect” when the copper is
present in particles large enough to reflect light and create a “shimmer” effect. Its exceptional translucency is
what makes it so brilliant when cut and polished whether faceted (like a diamond) or cut in cabochon (like an
There is no known occurrence of copper bearing feldspar anywhere else in the world and that’s part of why
it was named Oregon’s State Gem. Beware of imitators, trust your source, and always insist on genuine
Oregon Sunstone!

Because of their hardness rating, from 6.5 to 7.25 (diamond being a 10). Oregon Sunstones are best suited for
jewelry such as pendants, earrings, brooches, or other pieces that won’t endure heavy wear. Rings are best
worn occasionally or carefully. Avoid when handling steel equipment and gardening.

Over time, your Sunstone may begin to appear cloudy. This is mostly due to the accumulation of oils, lotion
and dust that will adhere to the gem underneath. At home, the best cleaning method for Oregon Sunstones is
warm water, detergent, and a soft tooth brush.