Our April showers have given way to the gorgeous May flowers! The spring bloom is certainly creating a buzz here at The Sunstone Store and we are in full spring mode! Spring is a great time to evaluate the value of your jewelry.  Did you know that The Sunstone Store’s owner Elyse Douglas is a GIA trained gemologist and graduate of The Master Valuer program and has been a jewelry appraiser for twenty years?

Do you know how much your jewelry is worth? Insurance replacement value is only one reason to appraise your jewelry. The following is a quick breakdown of reasons to have your jewelry appraised and the types of values that can be assessed.

Reasons to Have Your Jewelry Appraised:

  • Internet Purchases
    Internet purchases are becoming more common and an appraisal can verify that diamonds (or other jewelry) purchased off the Internet, match the certification or appraisal that accompanies the item.
  • Settling an Estate/Equitable Distribution
    Any taxable estate must have the valuables documented for the IRS. Even if the estate is not taxable it is worthwhile to know what you have to distribute to the heirs of the estate.
  • Fluctuations in Market Value
    Platinum, Gold and Silver, Diamond and Gemstone values fluctuate. These fluctuations are due to such things as supply and demand, the economy, new mining finds and mines that have been exhausted.
  • Dissolution of Marriage
    An attorney may request an appraisal when working with a client going through the dissolution of a marriage to obtain the fair market value of the assets.
  • Tax Deductible Charitable Contributions
    If you make a tax-deductible contribution of gems or jewelry in excess of $500.00, the IRS requires verification of value in the form of an appraisal.
  • Just Curious?
    Maybe you just want to find out if grandma’s old “ruby” ring is really a natural ruby.

Types of Values:

  • Retail Replacement Value
    Full retail value, not a sale or discounted value, that you may replace the item with a new equivalent or substitute.
  • Replacement Value Comparable
    Value placed on the item at a sale or discount replacement value in the local market that you may replace the item with another with a similar age, quality origin appearance and condition.
  • Fair Market Value
    The value at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and seller, neither being under compulsion to buy or sell and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.
  • Estate/Orderly Liquidation Value
    Most probable value in terms of cash for which the items would change hands within a short amount of time usually within a 3 to 6 month resale.
  • Estate/Forced Liquidation Value
    Most probable value in terms of cash for which the items would change hands for immediate sale of items without regard to relevant market place.

To see a full explanation of the appraisal process and pricing offered at The Sunstone Store see the “Appraisals” section of our website and be sure to head over to ourFacebook and Instagram pages to see our newest designs and up to date announcements!


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